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3. Team

Whether you require a personal consultancy, have a question about our products and services or would just like to place an order, you can reach us easily and quickly.


Beatrice Walti
Finances, Quality Management,        Logistics
+41 43 322 40 36

She makes sure day-to-day business runs smoothly, takes care of finances and vouches for the maintenance of quality relevant processes.

Carlo Indergand
Sales, Marketing
+41 43 322 40 34

He puts all his passion and energy

into marketing and sales. Satisfied

customers and partners are

important to him and us.

Salvatore Cacioppo
Purchase + Sales
+41 43 322 40 33

With great expertise he consults and supports our domestic and foreign customers. His experience in sales leaves hardly any wishes open.  

Luigi Serio
Purchase + Sales
+41 43 322 40 32

Consults and supports domestic and foreign customers. Our customers greatly benefit from his many years of experience and specialist knowledge. 

Sonja Müller
Web Administration + Documentations
+41 43 322 40 30

With much vigour she takes care of the website, makes updates and is responsible for technical documentation.  

Aldo Siegrist
Warehouse, Logistics
+41 43 322 40 30

Is responsible for the flow of goods, conducts quality control and ensures that the goods arrive at your location on time. 

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