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Custom solutions

Development of custom cable solutions – tailored to your individual needs
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Solution development and advice
Custom requirements require custom solutions

Get cost-efficient solutions by collaborating on product developments at an early stage. Our experienced partners are with you all the way during the design and production of your custom cables and leads. 

Our cables and leads are made from over 250 different materials – using variable cross sections, stranding techniques and shielding methods. They have an optimum outside diameter to withstand bending cycles and bending radius as well as tensile and compressive forces. Applications in aggressive environments, water or oil? No problem at all! Electrical, mechanical and chemical capabilities undergo intensive testing in the test centre and laboratory. These exhaustive tests ensure our products will last a long time and give you no trouble whatsoever.

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Quality assurance
Certified, state-of-the-art products

Put your trust in products that offer the ultimate in reliability and safety. Our partners are certified to EN ISO, and each product is tested for compliance with quality standards before leaving the factory. Current product design is evidenced by official testing in accordance with standards such as HAR, VDE, UL, CSA, IMQ, SEV and CE marking. We will gladly meet obligations to provide supporting documents.

Compliance with standards and certifications is guaranteed. We assure constant quality through comprehensive incoming goods inspections. After delivery, all products are checked thoroughly before being approved for storage or shipping.

For special-purpose applications, as in the rail sector, our cables and leads are certified to IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard). Should you require specific certifications, speak to us – we’ll be happy to help.

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Your benefits


Efficient organisation and fast delivery.
Our logistics services include inventory management and delivery within 24 hours. Our partners offer Europe-wide coverage with optimum transit times.
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Optimise costs and maximise resources.
We take care of the inventory management, production and supply of your items. You reduce your expenditure, increase your flexibility and avoid supply bottlenecks.
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