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State of the art products - tested and certified

Your products should fulfil the highest measure of reliability and safety. All our partners have an EN ISO certified quality management system. Each product is tested to ensure that it meets quality standards before it leaves the factory. The current status of product design is documented with an official testing in compliance with HAR, VDE, UL, CSA, IMQ, SEV, CE labelling etc.. If you or your customer request burden of proof we, of course, will immediately implement this too. With the printing on the cables, labelling on the bundles, and the internal processes, complete traceability is ensured.

You can rely on standards and certifications being maintained. In addition a comprehensive inspection of incoming goods also ensures permanent maintenance of quality. After delivery all products are thoroughly inspected. Only after our high demands are fulfilled are the goods released for storing of dispatch.

For special applications we also ensure specific quality. For example our cables and leads that are being used in the railway sector are IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard) certified. Contact us if you need, or would like, to request a specific certification. We are happy to be of assistance.

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