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Copper - tradable commodity presented in a transparent manner

The prices for cables, leads and winding wire are strongly affected by the value of copper. The raw material copper is traded on the stock exchange; copper prices are subject to normal exchange rates.

Decisive for price determination of cables and leads is the DEL quotation, exchange listing for German Electrolytic Copper for Conductive Purposes. It is listed in Euro per 100 kg. Have a look at the listings, updated daily. More >

Almost all prices for cables and leads are fixed on a copper base of 150.00 € per 100kg. A share of the copper value is already included in these base prices. The fluctuating copper prices are equalised with a surcharge. This surcharge is made up of the copper number of the lead and the current copper price. The copper number is the calculated copper weight of the cable or lead and is mostly indicated in kg per km.

You can easily figure out the copper surcharge, it is calculated as follows:

Copper number in kg/km x ((DEL quotation + 1 % procurement costs in €/100 kg) - copper base in €/100 kg): 100

There is also a surcharge on the prices for cables and leads designed in the materials nickel, nickel plated copper, silver or silver plated copper, gold plated copper in special alloys etc... We would be happy to give you more information on request.

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