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desca cable

Sleeves and braids

High-quality insulation tubes and a variety of other innovative product variants in connection technology await you.

Plastic hoses are true all-rounders in numerous applications. Due to their versatility and flexibility, they meet various needs in industry, medicine, and everyday life. In the food industry, they ensure hygienic transport, while in medical technology, they serve as secure channels for fluids. In the automotive industry, they ensure efficient fuel delivery, while in garden irrigation, they enable flexible water conveyance. With their resistance to chemicals and weather influences, plastic hoses are robust and durable. Whether in households, laboratories, or factories, their applications are as diverse as their material composition.

Mass tapes, also known as grounding tapes, are characterized by high current transmission in compact dimensions. Their high flexibility, resistance to vibrations, and stretching make them indispensable in electrical engineering. These tapes are easy to install and compensate for mass errors. In industrial plants, they secure against electrostatic charging, while in measurement technology, they enable precise results by minimizing interference. In laboratories and production facilities, they ensure efficient dissipation of static charges and protect against overvoltages—crucial for safe electrical installations. With their adaptability, plastic hoses and mass tapes complement each other ideally in various technical applications.

Our plastic hoses impress with their versatility and provide a reliable solution for a wide range of applications. They are available in various designs, from shrink to silicone to special hoses. Explore with us innovative heat-resistant insulation hoses designed for extremely high temperature ranges. Our products not only provide outstanding thermal protection but also ensure excellent mechanical stability.

Our grounding straps not only provide effective shielding but also ensure the highest level of safety for reliably grounding electrical devices, control cabinets, and other installations, thereby offering optimal protection against electrostatic discharges. Immerse yourself in the world of high-quality woven tapes and flexible connections, available in tinned or bare copper. These not only serve as electrical connection and bonding leads but also find application as grounding straps in control cabinets, on motors, transformers, and many other areas. Rely on our products to optimally protect and reliably connect your electrical components.

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