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3. Railway cables

Rolling stock and signalling cables

A high level of sustainable mobility and an effective infrastructure are important locational factors. The global expansion of rail networks and the advances that have been made in rail technology underline their importance. The requirements relating to rail networks are on the increase while the demand for rail vehicles, trams, high-speed trains, metros and automatic transport systems continues to gather momentum.

Our partner Tecnikabel SpA develops and produces power and signal cables for use in rail vehicles and for installation in rail networks. It offers a wide range of single cores and cables certified to international and national standards. Continuous research into new materials makes it possible to improve the characteristics of cables, optimise costs and meet your individual specifications at any time. It goes without saying that processes are certified according to IRIS.

We would be happy to help you achieve your goals through collaboration with our partner.

Railway cables

Leaflet Rolling stock and Signalling cables


IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard)

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