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By accessing the websites of Desca AG (hereinafter 'Website') you declare your acknowledgement with the following conditions.

Use of the website

The entire website is covered by copyright and trademark law. You may download or print hard copies of pages and/or parts of the website, provided you do not delete any information relating to copyright or to rights of ownership. Downloading or any other form of copying information does not give you any right to these. You will not be allowed to reproduce, transmit in any manner whatsoever, modify or use the website for publicity or commercial purposes, nor will you be allowed to create any links to the latter without the prior written approval

Guarantee relating to information supplied via the website

Although Desca will do its utmost to ensure the quality of the information supplied, it may happen, as a result of the on-going development of Desca products and constant adaptation to market trends, that some data given on the site may contain certain inaccuracies. All this information are supplied without any warranty whatsoever, whether express or implied.

Website links

The website may link up to other websites, but Desca will not assume or accept any liability regarding the content, products, services or other items offered via these latter sites.

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